Noticing:Fixation Have you noticed when, for example, the suffering of loneliness, abandonment and rejection arises, it has a tendency to gather momentum, to grow? It seems to include a magnetic force of inclusion for all similar states, for curiously even rejection seeks to include. The identity will gather evidence of the ‘truth’ of suffering, andContinue reading “Fixation”


Noticing:Suffering You’ve probably heard the first of the Buddhist four noble truths, ‘Life is suffering’. I first encountered Buddhism as child who was an avid bookworm. I felt an immediate sense of resonance with Truth as offered in the teachings of the Buddha, but this truth, life is suffering, has taken me a long timeContinue reading “Suffering”


Noticing:Noticing Lets speak of the bisness of the is-ness. As we learn the art of noticing, we of course come to notice that we notice. This kind of meta moment is a glorious opening of portals, for our very nature is Attention. To attend is to receive, to be ready, to listen, to notice. WhatContinue reading “Noticing”


Noticing:Happiness One of the defining preoccupations of our times has been on the pursuit of happiness. It strikes me as odd that we believe happiness is something we need to chase after. Why would a natural state of being flee from us? Its that old chestnut again, ‘ if you love something set it free’.Continue reading “Happiness”


Noticing:Kindness Consider a cup. Its form is created for the purpose of receiving, yet when full its purpose is to give. When hugging we open our arms to give and then this same gesture in turns becomes a flow of giving and receiving. When breathing we live in a flow state of giving carbon dioxideContinue reading “Kindness”

The Greatest Friend

Noticing:The Greatest Friend Meditation is one of the most nourishing activities you can do for yourself in this life. Here’s a wonderful thing I’ve come to understand through many years of practice. Life has gifted every one of us three loyal friends. Loyal Friend number one is The BreathThere in the background of your lifeContinue reading “The Greatest Friend”


Noticing Control To find, one must lose. To be born, one must die. To become connected, one must have been disconnected. To trust, one must be abandoned.Our brains interpret experience using the tool of contrast. The way we perceive objects is through the play of shadow and light. It is important to notice that perceptionContinue reading “Control”


Noticing:Interconnection The waking mind spends all day sorting and cataloguing and tasting subjects. We are deeply immersed in the movie of the self. It is a seamless identity reinforcing process. We are so invested in believing in the meanings and feeling the emotions invested in the meanings of our thoughts that we don’t notice theContinue reading “Interconnection”


Noticing: Shame Shame is a symptom of the Problem of me. There’s a few ways to suffer when enthralled in the Problem. Common words and phrases from the shame experience are: Failure, not good enough, worthless, wrong, broken. We all share these and suffer from them.Part of the culture that perpetuates shame is that we’veContinue reading “Shame”

Rejection and insecurity

Noticing:Rejection and insecurity Sartre famously wrote the line ‘hell is other people’. “By the mere appearance of the Other,” says Sartre in Being and Nothingness, “I am put in the position of passing judgment on myself as on an object, for it is as an object that I appear to the Other.”The creation of aContinue reading “Rejection and insecurity”


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