We have the expression in English to ‘take offence’. This is wonderful because it shows us that the key to being offended lays in whether or not you to take the offence. When we get offended by someone/something it is a very helpful pointer that shows us how we are invested in an idea/assumption/belief.

To invest means to clothe with authority, to give power to. I use this word here because it indicates the way we give our power into beliefs that have no inherent meaning. It is our investiture that gives the authority. Money has no meaning unless we believe in it. Rank has no meaning unless we believe in it. We cannot be offended unless we somehow believe we stand to profit from the idea, it is an investment. Mantles of office are called vestments, in themselves they are merely cloth we have shaped to a design, we give them power as symbols with the strength of our belief.

All beliefs can be seen through because they are all ultimately transparent.

Next time you find that you are taking offence, check it out. I guarantee there’s some way that you are invested in the story, some weaving of identity there, some burden willingly yoked. We spend all the potential energy available in seeing through the belief when it arises in investing further into the belief with our attention. Its arising is an opportunity to drop it. Instead we choose to talk about it and focus on it and enjoy the whole accompanying theatre of outrage.

Next time offence arises its interesting to see that it doesn’t have to be taken. If you do take it , no problem, it can be dropped at any time thereafter. It’s always a relief to drop it, in this way it can be seen that a belief can be transformed into a relief.

We take on many mantles in life and strive to do our best by them, but these vestments have no ultimate authority over us. They are merely roles of office that we have invested with authority, the authority of our belief in them. I’ll share with you that I’ve spent so much time being offended in this life that I can say I’m something of an expert in this, there’s so much material for me to notice here. I daresay we are all experts in taking offence, but not many of us are masters of dropping it.

Offence always indicates defence. These two fish swim with their tails tide together. This shows us that its often illuminating to ask oneself, what am I defending? There will very likely be some tower, some made up authority that you have invested your belief in. Asking the question ‘who is offended?’ is also very helpful. It’s very likely the offence taken is an identity defence. This can show up the character within you who is offended, as they will simply be a mask invented for the purpose of defence. Peel off this mask and look underneath, who is being defended? It’s usually another character who in some way believes that it is not ok to be vulnerable. Check it out. Under a defender is always a victim, these are another pair of fish tied at the tail. What’s under the mask of the victim? It is simply the idea that Love is somehow withheld, there’s some offence being punished. What’s underneath this? Aha! It is Love. The One who Loves. The only unchanging Love that exists. What a relief. Why not turn up your soft belly and be vulnerable? There is One who will joyfully tickle it.

Such is our passion in the investment of ideas that humans will defend these belief constructs to the death. Is this necessary?

If your investment is offending you, simply cash in your shares. Shares are cares, and who can be offended when no fucks are given?

Published by habitatmeditation

Jessica Berry is a certified meditation facilitator. She has been studying Awareness and practicing meditation for more than 20 years. Her extensive training in art and design give her a unique perspective and this informs her writings under the theme of what she calls 'Noticing'.

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