Lets speak of the bisness of the is-ness. As we learn the art of noticing, we of course come to notice that we notice. This kind of meta moment is a glorious opening of portals, for our very nature is Attention. To attend is to receive, to be ready, to listen, to notice. What do we notice? We notice what IS.

What does this mean? ‘What IS’ is a quality, and so to really meet what is, one must drop all notions and drop IN to noticing. Notions are stories that we made up, they most certainly can be ‘fingers pointing to the moon’ but as such they must be used as portals into a state of being-ness. Being-ness is not the typed word being-ness, being-ness is not a thought, a story, a smell, a mini movie in the mind, a memory. Being-ness is Happening. The quality of Being-ness is accessed through noticing, and noticing the noticing. Try this experiment: next time you jump in your car on the way to Somewhere, just take a moment to notice that you are Here. Notice how your body has a sense of inclusion with the car. We have a sense called proprioception, this sense is a kind of body map that extends and includes any extension of our body. It is most noticeable with tools held in the hand, or occasions when the body is held in something like a chair or car. Once we tune in to this tuning in of the body, this inclusion, we notice that this sense can refer to everything. Notice the key in your hand in the car. Notice the car seat cupping your body. Notice the road provided for the car. Notice the space in which the car is parked. Notice the language of your skin speaking of the clothes you are wearing. Notice your breath, notice your heart beating. Voila! You are in meditation.

Here’s another experiment: next time you are sitting and eating, notice. Pay attention to eating and everything about it. Become fascinated with this seemingly mundane experience. When you are standing washing the dishes, attend to this washing. Experience the experience. Building this habit of experiencing is tremendously enriching. With this superpower it becomes impossible to be bored. It becomes impossible to be left out. It becomes impossible to be lonely, because our nature is inclusion, it is in attendance, it is listening, it is experiencing, it IS. Cultivating this art of attention is the true sense of artistry. An artist is one who is dancing with the potential to be completely engaged in flow, we humans are artists. We have been equipped with a full complement of sensual modus operandi interfacing with the vibrant, dynamic singing of All Creation. We call this equipment our brain, and by extension our body. Much of our attention is consumed with consuming, what can I get? Receiving life in this way is definitely also what life is all about, but endeavouring to master simply receiving life renders life an ever present feast. When we remember to remember, all notions of lack are rendered irrelevant.

When feeling a sense of lack about something missing, we pay attention to all the many stories about the missing thing. We totally inhabit the stories in our mind. Our brain and body experience with the stories of lack is pretty seamless. Lucky for us, there is a crack. The crack is noticing. Turning to the experience of attention will flip the sense of lack on its head. The flip-side of lost is found. It is possible to notice that you are paying attention to a story about something missing. When you simply notice, suddenly the experience is just noticing. Noticing is by its nature inclusive, and thus it becomes impossible to believe in these stories of something missing. Suddenly everything is possible, because you are in communion with the pure state of all potential. The mind process of analysing and problem solving the story of something missing is rendered irrelevant. You may notice something deeply amusing occurs; when letting go naturally of the sense of something lost, and surrendering to the complementary quality of something found, it becomes found. You may have noticed when you stop actively engaging in the state of looking for your keys, it becomes possible for them to be found. When you stop groping after the perfect word, it appears in your mind.

It is important to understand this is not a function of morality. It is simply untrue that abundance and poverty are the result of ‘goodness’ or ‘badness’. If you gently tap a glass with a spoon it will emit a tone, this is resonance. As a human, you are equipped to come into resonance, you are the ear, the listening, the reception. All things are emitting a tone that is themselves, by paying Attention, we may hear them. ‘Goodness’, ‘finding’, ‘badness’, ‘losing’, ‘abundance’, ‘poverty’, these are all songs. We are the one who listens, yet we are also the one who sings along. The quality of listening includes a sense of becoming what we listen to, but we are always free to turn our attention as we wish, to tune our reception. The universe is one song, we are the Listening and the Singing of it. Simply notice.

Published by habitatmeditation

Jessica Berry is a certified meditation facilitator. She has been studying Awareness and practicing meditation for more than 20 years. Her extensive training in art and design give her a unique perspective and this informs her writings under the theme of what she calls 'Noticing'.

2 thoughts on “Noticing

  1. So much meta going on here, it’s exciting that something is written about it.

    I’ve a perspective on noticing that we never really discard the story, we just shorten and simplify it. The true harnessing of the moment and noticing of the story as the self is the ability to self-contain the story in a single block in time. It is an incrementally infinitesimally small story.

    So the mind never really stops telling stories, and atuning with the moment is never really leaving the mind, it’s just we fool the story habit of the mind into Noticing by shortening the story into a single brief moment. We hard wire it back to the closest reality and rope in energy we saved for a later date in long circuit story form.

    By harnessing the moment we reclaim the power that we have allowed to disperse into many parts of many different long and short stories automatically on constant re-run in our lives.

    Proprioception – what a great word!

    Great writing as always!

    Sending love Jess xx


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