Connection + disconnection

Building the habit of meditation gifts us with Connection. Connection is the home that travels everywhere with you, Connection ‘within’ facilitates connection in ‘the world’.
Disconnection is the suffering that is experienced when we become wholly obsessed with the activities of the mind identity. The intuition or ‘Body Knowing’ that is imbued by regular meditation practice is like the lantern that guides us Home. Once Home we are safe to be held in our suffering. The embrace of Awareness holds us in our grief and nourishes us with connection.


The child is lost in the dark of night, a furious snowstorm rages. The enchanted playground of the daytime forest is replaced by a habitat of monsters. The child sobs and dashes to and fro seeking shelter, all is darkness and terror. Who will help the child? The child collapses and lays curled in a tight ball, crying with fear. Suddenly the child hears a tiny noise, a kind of scrabbling of furry feet. The child is overwhelmed with visions of mountainous monsters, coming to feast on the child’s flesh, and to pick their teeth with her bones! The child dashes under a shrub to hide, whimpering and shivering with fright. There’s the noise again, a small, furry rustling. The child feels the dawning of curiosity. It must only be a tiny monster? Then the child feels an even deeper surge of fear, a tiny vicious monster coming to eat her in tiny bites! The child hides her face in her hands. There’s the sound of a warm and huffing breath, a small furry nose comes nuzzling under her hands, a tentative lick is given to her face. It is her doggy friend! Doggy joyfully licks every inch of her face, wiggling in ecstasy. The child shouts with relief, and sits with her furriest friend cuddled as close as can be in her lap. What’s that? In the distance the child can see a tiny smudge of light coming closer, there’s the sound of boots crunching through snow. What is that light? Its a lantern! The lantern illuminates the sweet faces of her parents, crying with joy to find their little one safe. For a moment the family just hold each other and breathe in the living beauty of the night forest together. They walk home together, guided by lantern light and the happy barking of their furry friend.

As I wrote this little tale I felt a small sob of joy well up in me at the moment of Reunion with Home.
Why? Because we all know this tale into our very marrow, it is the story of being Lost and Found, the grand theme of Disconnection and Connection. Story symbols are the way our minds translate our experience. We are moved by the stories of our experience. Our bodies respond to the telling of what is Known. Life is a medley of losing and finding, a lietmotif of the Original story of reconnecting with Source. I want to remind you that Home will always find you. All it takes is surrendering into fear, and allowing a little crack of curiosity to let in the lantern light.
Many of us have an uncertain sense of Home, deep within we are certain we have been abandoned. We are orphans from Source. We are certain there is no one with a lantern coming to take us Home. I want to gift you with the most wonderful news. Building the habit of meditation is your homecoming. This home of homes is with you wherever you go. You don’t need any key from any created human systems of ideology to open the locked gates. There is no gate! Your home of homes does not need locked gates to keep anyone out, it is the original and safest sacred space.
When we suffer it is because we are disconnected. Only every time. Disconnection is not a crime, punishment is not necessary. Shaming ourselves or shaming others for suffering is not helpful.
A meditation habit builds a clear path home. A meditation habit is a lantern held in the hand of our mother. When we are lost and afraid, Home is always there for us. Home is a safe place to be vulnerable. Home will stand with open arms to hold us in its embrace when we are lost. Life is a very big adventure. We are here to lose ourselves and feel the sweetest joy of being Found.

Published by habitatmeditation

Jessica Berry is a certified meditation facilitator. She has been studying Awareness and practicing meditation for more than 20 years. Her extensive training in art and design give her a unique perspective and this informs her writings under the theme of what she calls 'Noticing'.

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