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Noticing: Attention Let’s try an experiment in noticing together. First make yourself comfortable, and allow your breathing to come into a slow and steady rhythm. Place the soles of your feet against the ground and lay your palms face up in a relaxed and open position in your lap. Count slowly to four with yourContinue reading “Attention”


Noticing: Unlovable There is a very sad and painful story most of us fret about internally, it is the story of ‘I am unlovable’. This is a big problem we believe we need to fix with the activity of changing the unlovable qualities of our self to become lovable qualities. From early childhood we receiveContinue reading “Unlovable”


Noticing:Habits Habit.at meditation is named for the notion that our habits are our habitat, or how what we do repeatedly creates the theme of our lived experience. I’ve written much here about building the helpful habit of meditation but I’ve realised I need to point to an important distinction about exactly what habit I’m suggestingContinue reading “Habits”

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