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Noticing:Fixation Have you noticed when, for example, the suffering of loneliness, abandonment and rejection arises, it has a tendency to gather momentum, to grow? It seems to include a magnetic force of inclusion for all similar states, for curiously even rejection seeks to include. The identity will gather evidence of the ‘truth’ of suffering, andContinue reading “Fixation”


Noticing:Suffering You’ve probably heard the first of the Buddhist four noble truths, ‘Life is suffering’. I first encountered Buddhism as child who was an avid bookworm. I felt an immediate sense of resonance with Truth as offered in the teachings of the Buddha, but this truth, life is suffering, has taken me a long timeContinue reading “Suffering”


Noticing:Noticing Lets speak of the bisness of the is-ness. As we learn the art of noticing, we of course come to notice that we notice. This kind of meta moment is a glorious opening of portals, for our very nature is Attention. To attend is to receive, to be ready, to listen, to notice. WhatContinue reading “Noticing”

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