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Noticing:Noticing Lets speak of the bisness of the is-ness. As we learn the art of noticing, we of course come to notice that we notice. This kind of meta moment is a glorious opening of portals, for our very nature is Attention. To attend is to receive, to be ready, to listen, to notice. WhatContinue reading “Noticing”


Noticing:Happiness One of the defining preoccupations of our times has been on the pursuit of happiness. It strikes me as odd that we believe happiness is something we need to chase after. Why would a natural state of being flee from us? Its that old chestnut again, ‘ if you love something set it free’.Continue reading “Happiness”


Noticing:Kindness Consider a cup. Its form is created for the purpose of receiving, yet when full its purpose is to give. When hugging we open our arms to give and then this same gesture in turns becomes a flow of giving and receiving. When breathing we live in a flow state of giving carbon dioxideContinue reading “Kindness”

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